Maipo Valley
The valley of Maipo River is the oldest wine-producing zone in Chile. This region has a Mediterranean-like climate, its annual rain average is 350 mm and its soil is watered by water coming from Los Andes Mountains.

In this valley different stocks are cultivated, one of the best-known ones being Cabernet Sauvignon. Sol y Viento vineyards are located in a quiet and beautiful zone called Isla de Maipo, which is Southwest from Santiago, the capital of Chile. This soil and special microclimate, plus the centennial wine tradition of its inhabitants, create a terroir that gives the wine a particular character.

In the last couple of decades, the tendency to take good care of the environment while sowing the soil has become stronger. This has also reached viticulture, both in the treatment of the grape and the process of vinification, avoiding the use of chemical compounds and thus benefiting human’s health.

The organic concept needs of a rigorous way of cultivating the grapevine, following the natural cycles of plants and soils and protecting the environment from external pollution. Only by following these requirements our wine can be internationally certified and commercialized as organic.